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Catherine W.
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"This site allows me to track my projects in real-time..."
John D.
Los Angeles, CA

"One of the benefits is that managers can see what users are working on..."
Peter B.
Atlanta, GA

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Designed for Organizations and Professionals

The basic idea behind TimeRecorder is to make time tracking quick and easy. Now you can record your billable activities as they occur.
Our unique Client-Project-Task hierarchy helps allocate your time to appropriate categories - quickly and easily!
Users in the same group can share project information and collaborate on the time spent. This gives group managers up-to-date picture of project completion.
Activity reports are available for individual users, as well as the entire group.
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  • Track project status
  • Improve project estimating
  • Flexible licensing
Track hours by:
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  • Client-Project-Task
  • Activity type
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